Suffering from kidney ailments among individuals is not uncommon in recent days. Individuals often suffer from kidney ailments when kidneys fail to work, and this is known as an end-stage renal problem. Once the kidney stops working, your body will get filled with excess water, and this situation is known as Uraemia.

Symptoms of kidney failure

People who suffer from acute kidney ailments often feel the symptoms below.

  • Individuals will notice a decrease in urine output.
  • You will notice swelling in the legs and feet.
  • Patients will suffer from fatigue, confusion and nausea.
  • Individuals often can face the problems like irregular heartbeat, sudden chest pain and pressure.

Is Dialysis Necessary for Kidneys fail? 

There are primarily two prime forms of Dialysis are – Haemodialysis & peritoneal dialysis. Haemodialysis is the process where the blood is filtered to remove waste products. Experts in Haemodialysis conduct this process, and the dialysis is to be done three times per week. The dialysis takes at least 3-4 hours every time.

Another technique of Dialysis is peritoneal dialysis. As per this process, fluid is used in the abdomen, capturing waste products. This way, waste products get drained away.

Kidney Transplantation

Doctors often suggest kidney transplantation once kidney ailments get more extensive and normal medication stops working. It is a surgical treatment where the ailing kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney. The reasons for a kidney transplant.

  • In case of repeated urinary contamination.
  • Kidney transplantation is necessary in case a patient suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Risk of kidney transplantation

Kidney ailments come with varied complications. People who opt for kidney transplantation can face problems such as bleeding, infection, blood vessel blockage, urine leakage, and lower kidney functionality.

As per experts, kidney transplantation seems one of the most effective ways to filter blood. After successful kidney transplantation, there is no requirement for dialysis.


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