Phalloplasty is a revolution in medical science, and this surgery has made it possible to repair the injured penis of men. Many times, men can have certain disorders in their penis from their birth. Sometimes a child is born without a penis, and for them, Phalloplasty is the best way to create a new penis. Hence, it can be said that Phalloplasty has emerged as a popular surgery to construct a new penis.

Different types of Phalloplasty:

Men who undergo the treatment of Phalloplasty must understand different types of Phalloplasty. Normally three types of Phalloplasty are popular, and these are 

  • Radial forearm free flap
  • Anterolateral thigh flap
  • Musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi flap

Who needs Phalloplasty treatment?

Many are unaware of the ideal patients for Phalloplasty. So let’s check below and get details about it.

  • Men do not have a penis from their birth.
  • The penis of a man got removed due to an accident. 
  • Men who want a large penis size. 

Again, individuals who don’t take blood thinners and suffer from obesity are not suitable for this treatment. 

Benefits of Phalloplasty surgery:

Phalloplasty involves lots of advantageous sides.

  • This surgery helps men to get lengthier penis, and it helps them to enjoy their conjugal life.
  • The surgery does not involve a big incision, and hence there is no chance of having any scar.
  • The enhancement of the penis can be up to 50% or as per the patient’s preference. 

Cost of penis enlargement:

Whenever any person opts to have Phalloplasty, they should know the cost of this treatment. The cost of the treatment varies between USD 2000 to USD 3000. 

How long to stay in Hospital?

Once the surgery is over, the patients must stay at the hospital for a minimum of 5 days. By this time, doctors will regularly check whether the patient is having any infection or other side effects



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