Men of all ages concern about their penile size. But not all men get the desired testicle size. Many reasons are there for which men cannot have the desired size of the testicle. Sometimes they need to opt for the best Treatment for Penile Enlargement

Doctors often suggest both surgical and non-surgical treatments for penile enlargement. Let’s take a look at both treatments and know about these more.

 Non-surgical treatment:


Doctors often recommend various non-surgical treatments for penis enlargement procedures in Pune. Doctors often suggest the treatment of testosterone or hormone therapy that helps in penile enlargement.

Using PTD or penile traction device is also known as one of the significant non-surgical methods of penile enlargement.

Surgical treatment:


The recent development in surgical treatment for penile enlargement has become popular among men. One can take the necessary information about the surgery from Penile Enlargement Hospital in PuneThe surgery, Penuma, has made it possible for men to get their desired penis size.

This device is crescent-shaped, and it comes with silicone-based on the top medical-grade. Doctors insert this device under the testicle skin to make it wider and longer. This device is available in three sizes-

  • Large
  • Extra large
  • Extra Extra Large

 Considerations before undergoing this treatment:


Before men opt for Penuma surgery, they need to consider certain areas. If the men is not circumcised, they need to do it after the surgery. The surgery takes only 45 minutes to complete. Hence, men can go home after the surgery on the same day. The penis will stay swollen for some days after the surgical treatment. Hence it is suggested to take post-surgical care as per the doctor’s suggestion. Men may suffer from some post-surgery ailments like nausea and vomiting. So, every patient needs to take proper care after Penile enlargement surgery in Pune. 

Thus, Facing a problem with penile enlargement and want to get treatment for it, must consult with Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic, Pune.